Stiffs Issue #1 Now Available on ComiXology!


Yes, the first issue of our li’l comic, Stiffs, can now be purchased digitally via ComiXology for the low price of £1.49. We’re very please with this development, as it allows us to get Stiffs to more people than ever before, and the book looks lovely when using Guided View to read it. “But what is Stiffs?”I hear you cry. Well, I’m glad you asked.


Stiffs is a five issue comic co-written by Drew Davies, Joe Glass and myself, with art by Gavin Mitchell, plus a variety of colourists and letterers (on issue #1, both were done by Adam Cadwell, who also came up with the title). It tells the story of Don, a twenty-something call centre worker from the South Wales Valleys, and Kenny, his best friend who happens to be a talking monkey. The two of them work their menial jobs by day, then go out and kill zombies by night. Combining horror and supernatural elements with a dose of comedy (you have to really, when you’re dealing with zombies + talking monkeys), we’re quite proud of the comic, and have been pushing it now for a good three years.


Yes, that’s right. Issue #1 originally came out in 2011 in print format, with issues #2 and #3 following along over time. The reality is, Stiffs is an entirely self-funded, self-published comic. We all have full time jobs we have to work at the same time as we produce whimsical tales of undead horrors and alcoholic simians. We’ve come a long way since Drew came up with the original idea, and are very much looking forward to releasing the last two issues, before the inevitable trade release.

But to do this, we need your help. A successful IndieGoGo campaign brought in enough money for the first three issues (our inexperience with crowdfunding at the time meant we didn’t ask for enough for the full series. Lesson learned!), but we’re now paying for everything ourselves. With that in mind, all of us at Team Stiffs would very much appreciate it if you checked out issue #1 on ComiXology. And if you enjoy it, rate the book as well. The higher our star-rating on the site, the more notice we’ll get.


And if you enjoy issue #1, you can pick up issues #2 and #3, either as physical books or as digital PDFs here. They will also be released on ComiXology in the not too distant future. Issue #4 should be ready later this year, with issue #5 to follow next year.

And, if you’re going to be at either SCARdiff horror con this October, or the True Believers Comic Festival in Cheltenham next February, swing by our table to say hi, and let us know in person what you think of the book!


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