PJ is a freelance writer based in Cardiff, South Wales. He has co-written the independent horror-comedy comic Stiffs, funded by a successful campaign on Indiegogo and recently accepted by ComiXology to be sold online internationally. He also contributed six episodes of the online radio sitcom, Supermarket Matters, published by In Ear Entertainment.

Most recently, PJ has had a short story published in the anthology title The Pride Adventures (issue #2), and has just completed work on the upcoming graphic novel Dynamite, which ties into the music album of the same name by musician Kevin Pearce.

PJ’s writing tends to be comedic, in particular both human comedy and humour looking at the whackier side of life. He also writes stories set in the science-fiction and fantasy genres, though likes to try and bring humour to these as well. However, PJ is a flexible writer who can turn his hand to multiple genres, and has also written stories with a more serious, darker tone.

As well as his fiction projects, PJ is regular writer for the website Sidekickcast, where he has a weekly column called The Far Side(kick), in which he has taken a light-hearted look at movies, comics and games, as well as occasionally discussing more serious subjects in relation to geek culture. He has also recently started writing reviews for a second website, Chaoshour.